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How To Generate Sewing Embroidery Patterns And Designs By Using AI?

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How To Generate Sewing Embroidery Patterns And Designs By Using AI: A Step-By-Step Guide

Artificial intelligence has made our work easier in every field. New technologies and new companies have emerged in the field of Sewing Pattern. Patternai, Pattern Cafe, Yarnlt, etc. You can also create new patterns and designs by creating prompts yourself. Today I will give you detailed information on this subject. Generating images using AI is called “text to image”. There are both paid and free services for this. To achieve the best Result, you need to enter a good prompt. I recommend you to review the tutorials of the relevant services to specialise in prompts. It may also be good to attend online workshops. Some communities share the images they produce and the prompts they use. You can become a member of these communities to get ideas. You can make unique designs and sell them on platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, AliExpress, Temu, Shein. If you have designs and are looking for a manufacturer, you can contact Turkish manufacturers on our page. Now I will explain some programmes that you can use to create new sewing/embroidery designs and patterns. You can also create new apparel, clothes, home textile products, bed linen, pillows, pillows, curtains. You can also simulate them. Most of these patterns and designs were created using MidJourney, Stockimg, Image Creator of Microsoft.

Remember the only limit is your creativity.

  1. Fashion Design:

    Prompt: Design an avant-garde evening gown that portrays a sense of cosmic wonder, featuring pattern_1, pattern_2 , and galaxy-themed patterns, with a adjective_1 flowing train. Consider incorporating elements of fashion styles such as surrealism, futuristic, or abstract to enhance the gown’s uniqueness. The gown should evoke feelings of theme_1 and theme_2 , while exhibiting an overall sense of elegance and sophistication. Imagine this gown being worn by a stylish celestial_figure at a celestial gala, adorned with radiant accessory_1 and accessory_2. Example values used for this prompt: swirling, shimmering, breathtaking, awe, goddess, meteorite earrings, and tiara


    fashion design galaxy themed

  2. Apparel Illustration:

    Prompt: Create a style_1 cosmic and celestial pattern featuring number_1 stars, number_2 planets, and number_3 galaxies for an astronomy-inspired clothing line. The design should include elements such as element_1, element_2, and element_3 to evoke a sense of theme_1 and theme_2. The illustration will be used on various pieces of apparel such as apparel_item_1, apparel_item_2, and apparel_item_3. The design should be reminiscent of the art style of artist_1 and artist_2 and utilize a medium_1 approach for the final rendering. Example values used for this prompt: futuristic, 50, 20, 10, shooting, colorful, constellations, wonder, exploration, hats, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, and digital painting


    apparel illustration cosmic celestial pattern

  3. Textile Design:

    Prompt: Design a rustic, farmhouse-style plaid pattern using color_1, color_2, and color_3 warm and neutral colors, incorporating elements of texture_1 and texture_2 for an emphasis on texture and comfort. Visualize a harmonious blend of textiles, such as fabric_1 and fabric_2, to evoke a sense of coziness and relaxation. Textile Design. Example values used for this prompt: soft gray, herringbone, cable knit, and flannel


    textile design rustic farmhouse style

  4. Pattern Design

    Prompt: Create a vibrant tropical leaves pattern for a summer outfit, featuring leaf_type_1, leaf_type_2, and leaf_type_3, with bold colors like color_1, color_2, and color_3. The pattern design should evoke feelings of feeling_1 and feeling_2, and be in the style of art_style. Consider incorporating artistic touches inspired by artist_1 or artist_2 and utilize a medium such as medium_1 or medium_2. Example values used for this prompt: palm, fern, monstera, lime green, relaxation, watercolor painting, Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, watercolor, and gouache paint


    pattern design tropical leaves pattern

  5. Technical Fashion Sketches

    Prompt: Create a monochrome illustration of a garment, featuring a unique blend of geometric patterns. The design should focus on the use of shape_1, shape_2, and shape_3 to create a visually captivating arrangement on the blouse. This dynamic prompt should include technical fashion sketches, showcasing different perspectives like front, back, and side views, as well as close-ups on the pattern details. The illustration style should emphasize a clean, modern look, exemplifying the harmony between the monochrome color scheme and the intricate geometric designs. Example values used for this prompt: hexagons


    technical fashion sketches monochrome

  6. T-shirt Merchandise Design

    Prompt: Design an image illustrating activity_1, activity_2, and activity_3, inspired by outdoor adventure activities like hiking, camping, and mountain biking. Incorporate a visually captivating style, such as art_style, with an inspiring quote related to exploration and nature, perfect for T-Shirt & Merchandise designs. Use mediums like medium_1 and medium_2 to evoke emotions of feeling_1, feeling_2, and bring to life a sense of wanderlust and appreciation for the natural world. Example values used for this prompt: rock, bird, acrylic paint, and colored pencils


    tshirt design outdoor activities

  7. Costume Design

    Prompt: Illustrate a post-apocalyptic warrior ensemble incorporating the following: scavenged_material_1, protective_gear_1, and repurposed_item_1. The ensemble should hint at the resourcefulness of its wearer and display a blend of style_1 and style_2 aesthetics. Include a detailed focus on the interplay between form and function, and how these elements enable the warrior to survive in their harsh environment. The overall tone should evoke a sense of theme_1 and theme_2. Render the costume design in a medium of your choice, such as medium_1 or medium_2, and draw inspiration from the works of artists like artist_1 and artist_2. Example values used for this prompt: rusted metal, leather, repurposed motorcycle helmet, rugged, steampunk, desolation, defiance, charcoal, HR. Giger, and Tim Burton


    costume design post warrior

  8. Sportswear Activewear Design

    Prompt: Create a futuristic, eco-friendly running outfit consisting of item_1 and item_2 with neon accents and innovative materials for sportswear & activewear design. Incorporate themes of theme_1 and theme_2 while drawing inspiration from artists such as artist_1 and artist_2. Render the design in a medium such as medium_1, showcasing the outfit on a landscape_1 or landscape_2 setting. Ensure the design embodies a sense of feeling_1 and adheres to the principles of style_1 or style_2 aesthetics. Example values used for this prompt: breathable jacket, moisture-wicking leggings, sustainability, aerodynamics, Yayoi Kusama, Daniel Arsham, digital, city rooftop, urban park, freedom, minimalist, and functional


    sportswear futuristic

  9. Prompt: Design a minimalist logo for a high-end women’s clothing brand, brand_name, incorporating subtle floral_element_1 and floral_element_2. The logo should feature a unique font_style for the brand name, reflecting its sophisticated fashion branding. Focus on clean lines, understated elegance, and a sense of luxury in the design. Example values used for this prompt: Bella, roses, peonies, and serif font style


    fashion branding logo minimalist

  10. Clothing Line Concept Art

    Prompt: Visualize a clothing line for a modern-day wizard, featuring magical_symbol_1, magical_symbol_2, and celestial patterns inspired by celestial_element_1 and celestial_element_2. Showcase a variety of garments, including a garment_1, garment_2, and garment_3, all designed with a blend of style_1 and style_2 aesthetics. Incorporate details that emphasize the fusion of ancient mysticism and contemporary fashion. Clothing Line Concept Art by artist_1 and artist_2, rendered in medium_1 and medium_2 techniques. Example values used for this prompt: alchemical, Milky Way, constellations, enchanted, steampunk, minimalist, Alexander McQueen, Iris van, watercolor, and digital illustration


    clothing line modern day

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